On the hike to the Freienstein, you will be faced with a hike full of surprises. You can reach the summit from Assach as well as from Gröbming and make a beautiful circular hike out of it.

From Assach you walk along the inconspicuous forest path at the beginning. Then you walk up the wooded ridge until you reach the summit with a magnificent 360° panorama and a deep view from Haus im Ennstal to Gröbming.

In the case of the variant from Gröbming, after the first steep ascent you first continue to the left until you reach a wider path. This leads slightly uphill past the entrance to the Goaßsteig to the next crossroads. Over the ridge of the Freienstein you will reach the summit cross Freienstein via some steep steps and over the Assacherscharte back to the starting point.