Sometimes you will find check-in suggestions in your logbook when you open your app. This is the case when you passed a location which is part of a hiking badge but dismissed to check-in. When you accept the check-in suggestions, you will collect the points for the hiking badges afterwards. You can switch the check-in suggestions on your profile settings from badge locations to all locations in our database.

In order to make the check-in suggestions run you have to allow the app access to your GPS location all the time (in the app settings of your smartphone) and activate the GPS location on your smartphone the whole time.

Note: Sometimes you will get check-in suggestions for locations where you checked in already. This can happen when you are longer on a location and the internet connection is lost for a short time. In this case please refuse the check-in suggestion, otherwise you will get double entries. If you have made double entries by mistake, you can delete them on our website (not in the app). When the check-in time of the entries is very close, you get the points for the hiking badge just for the first check-in. So double entries do not give you any advantage ;)

Tip: The check-in suggestions do work better when you open the app timely before you start a hike and get sure that your actual location is recognized correctly. When you did not open your app for a while, it can happen that your location is not registered quick enough to be able to make the check-in suggestions.

Vom Freund markiert

Eine weitere Möglichkeit, weshalb dir ein Check-In vorgeschlagen wird, ist jene, dass dich ein Freund bei einem Eintrag markiert hat. Dies erscheint dir als "invited checkin". Auch in diesem Fall musst du den Eintrag nochmal manuell bestätigen und bekommst dann die Wandernadelpunkte angerechnet.

June 25, 2021

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