After having installed the app, you will see already a few basic functions and you can switch between the different menu items. This should give you an example of what you can expect. To use the full functions of the app, you have to register yourself. After that, it is time to make yourself familiar with the app. We are glad to help you!

The structure of the app

  • Logbook: Here you will find your summit logs. When you just have installed the app, you won't have any logs, of course. This is the reason why we made some example logs for you.

  • Regionen: Here you will find an overview of the hiking badges which you can get with our app. There are sorted by region. We have more than 40 partner regions! Just choose the region where you are located (or planning to go to) and you will get more information about the region and the hiking badges. (Please don't be sad if you are not located in a partner region. In the last chapter "Additional trophies" you will find our general trophies which you can catch with our app. These are virtual trophies (not real ones), but they have the same effect on your motivation :) )

  • Hiking maps: Here you will find the map view of the app, based on your current location. In the map view you will find the check-in locations as well as the tours of the region (as soon as the region has the tours in our database).

    You can switch to any other location with the search function (important: the search item has to be in our database). You can manage the map view with the layer-icon on the right upper edge. There you can choose which objects should be displayed in the map. Besides that you can switch to the list view with the menu icon on the right upper corner.

In order to make an entry in your tour book, you have to be directly at a check-in point. We have 400.000 check-in points in our database (summits, mountain lakes, view points, passes, gorges, other POIs). The check-in button appears only when you are directly at a location registered in our database.

It is possible to register your former hiking tours in our logbook, too. But in this case you do not get points for the hiking badges. You will learn here how this works >>

June 29, 2021

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