How can I add friends?

Sharing summit successes is much more fun than celebrating them alone! Therefore, you have the possibility to find friends in the app.

How can I add someone as friend?

  • Select the menu item "Profile"
  • Select the submenu item "My friends".
  • Click on the "+"-icon.
  • Enter the name of the person in the search field.
  • In order to send the person a friend request, click on the "+"-icon near the name.

The person has to confirm the friend request. After that you both will be able to see all the entries in the logbook of each other (logbook - tab "all")

Confirm friend request

When someone send you a friend request, it appears on top of your logbook. When you've verified your e-mail address you will get a notification by e-mail, too.

Which effects has the friends feature?

When you have friends in the app, you see the hiking logbook entries of them on the tab "all" in your logbook. When you click on your friend you will be able to see all the checkins he/she made.

New Update! Mark friends at your check-ins

With our new update you can take your friends with you on tour - not only in a literal sense but also in our app. How this works, you will find our here:

  • When you are at a location, you start your hiking log as usual with the big yellow check-in button.
  • Additionally to the usual information you can fill in at your hiking log, you will find a new chapture "add friends to the checkin".
  • When you tap on the text "add friends to the checkin" you will find a list of your friends in the app and you can add them by click on the "x"-icon (Android) or the name (IOS).
  • When you save the check-in, your friend will get a checkin suggestion in his tourbook and can accept or decline it.
  • When you do not have friends in the app or your companion does not use the app, you can fill in the e-mail address of your friend instead. In this case he will get a notification by e-mail.
  • Your friend can use this notification to install the app and/or accept the check-in suggestion as described above (if he uses the app already).

Just give it a try and you will see how easy it is :-)

June 22, 2021

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