Do you know these moments, when you remember your mountain experiences and you automatically have to smile? When your body begins to tingle and you’re just grateful for the things you’ve experienced? We too! Therefore, we have a suggestion for you: You can also remember and enjoy these moments afterwards by recording previous hikes and tours in your digital tour book. It’s very easy: On the SummitLynx website as well as in the app you can add previous activities and thus experience these moments of joy again. Here you learn how to do it.

Please note: Retrospectively added hikes will not be used in the evaluation for the hiking badges.

Tip: If you activate your mobile location data on your smartphone, you’ll even get a notification for missed check-ins in the app. You only need to confirm them! Here you will learn more about the suggested checkins >>

Adding entries retrospectively in the SummitLynx app

  • Please log in to your app and go to the hiking maps.
  • Please put in your hiking goal which you want to add in the search field.
  • The map view zooms to the searched hiking goal automatically. Please tap on the icon on the map and tap again on the name of the POI. You are redirected to the detail page of the POI.
  • Auf der Detailseite des Ziels gibt es einen Button "Eintrag nachtragen". Bitte tippe auf diesen.
  • In this input interface, you can choose the date and time, when you actually went on this hike.
  • Under "Additional information” you can add further information, for example, if it was a hiking, biking, climbing or ski tour or if it was a winter hiking tour. You can also add information about weather conditions. Furthermore, you can enter your time of exercise as well as the achieved difference in altitude.
  • With just one click onto the button "select image" you can add a picture to your entry, as usual.
  • Of course, you can also complete your tour book entry by writing a few lines in order to record your memories even more precisely.
  • To save your entry in the app, please click onto the button "Create checkin". Now the entry has been added to your overview.

Adding entries retrospectively on the SummitLynx website

  • Please log onto our website with your login credentials and click onto the plus symbol “+” highlighted in grey at the top right corner of the check-in site. Alternatively, you can click onto the yellow button “Create check-in” and then click onto the button “Add previous entry” at the top of the page.
  • With a click onto the field “Date” you choose the day of your past hike in the calendar.
  • Then, please enter the destination of the hike into the search field of the drop-down list. All destinations, which are registered in our partner regions and correspond to the entered name will automatically be suggested.
  • Under “Additional information”, you can enter further information about your hike, for example, if you went on foot, by bike or with your touring skis or how the weather was, which difference in altitude you achieved and how fast you were.
  • Additionally, you can add an optional text in the field “Message” in order to complete your memory.
  • And now, please upload a picture by clicking onto the button “Select image” on the right side. By the way, it does not matter, if your picture is in portrait or landscape format, but for an optimum display, we recommend the landscape format.
  • With a click onto “Save entry”, your entry of a previous hike will be created. Under “Check-ins”, this entry is now listed according to its date.

June 21, 2021

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