mySOS is the emergency feature of the app for more safety in the mountains. You can enter a contact person who gets a text message (SMS) when you do not return from your hiking tour at the time agreed.

How to activate the emergency notification

  • Please check if you have already filled in our phone number on your profile. If not, please fill in your mobile number (you will get a verification code by SMS).
  • Select „mySOS“ in the menu
  • Click the „Setup mySOS“ button
  • Enter your expected return date & time and the information about your hiking tour. Select your emergency contact from your contact list (Caution: The phone number of the emergency contact must be able to receive SMS!)
  • Confirm the activation of the function by clicking on the button "Activate"
  • You will receive a reminder 30 minutes before your scheduled return time that the function is still active. If you are fine, you can deactivate it in the app or directly via SMS by sending "STOP" to the sender.

mySOS interface in active state
mySOS interface in active state - mySOS activated

If you do not deactivate mySOS, your emergency contact will receive an SMS with a link at the scheduled return time. On the linked page, your emergency contact will find all information which you entered when you activated the function as well as your latest check-ins which you made during your hiking tour. Before your emergency contact calls the mountain rescue team, he or she should make a quick call to check whether you have already returned safely from the tour and perhaps simply forgotten to deactivate the function.

Here you will get more details about the mySOS emergency feature >>

June 26, 2021

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