If you want to use the app with your kids, who don't have an own smartphone, we have a proposal. The only thing you need it an own email address for your child.

Step 1:

Please install an own email address for your child if you don't have one.

Step 2:

Please go to any location and make an entry there. Attention: Please use the function "add friends to the checkin". Fill in the email address of the child in the first row ("Add friend by email") and confirm that with a tap on the check icon.

A link will be sent to the given email address. With this link you can set up an user profile for your child and there you will find the entry suggestion.

Step 3:

Confirm the check-in suggestion on the user profile of your child. We recommend to use a desktop pc for this, so that you do not have to switch between the different user profiles on your app.

Step 4:

Please repeat this procedure for every check-in. You can also add your child directly as a friend, this will make it easier for you to add your child at the entry. Everything you have to do is to confirm the check-in suggestions in the user profile of your child afterward. As soon as you both have reached a hiking badge, you will get the certificate on both email addresses.

Please note:

We will create a separate feature for using our apps with kids in the future which will make it even more easier. We assume that this feature will go live on 2023.

June 20, 2021

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