Bayerischer Wald ganz oben - beautiful mountains, quiet valleys, mysterious, dark forests, colorful meadows, clear lakes and streams - that's nature at its best. Come closer and get your personal experience. Between Schwarzwihrberg (706m), Gibacht (934m), Cerchov (1042m) and Hohenbogen (1079m), the landscape offers a wide range of opportunities to relax, enjoy and recharge your batteries with a lot of leisure activities. Hundreds of kilometers of regional hiking trails, partly cross-border, are flanked by numerous long-distance hiking trails, such as the Goldsteig, Pandurensteig, Nurtschweg and Oberpfälzer Burgenweg. Wonderful panoramic views of the Bavarian and Bohemian Forest can be enjoyed from the landmarks, exposed, characteristic mountain ranges, some of which have a centuries-old tradition of strategic importance. Let's go!