The Soča Valley is undoubtedly one of the most breathtaking hiking destinations you can find in the Julian Alps. Here, the majestic high mountain world of the Julian Alps, the untouched nature of the Triglav National Park and the refreshing proximity of the Soča River combine to create an impressive backdrop for unforgettable hiking adventures.

Step by step you will be enchanted by the beauty of this region. The Julian Alps offer an impressive backdrop with their rugged peaks, sparkling lakes and picturesque valleys. The untouched nature of the Triglav National Park invites you to immerse yourself in the wilderness and discover the diversity of flora and fauna. Here you will find a variety of hiking trails that will lead you through dense forests, past clear mountain lakes and along raging rivers.

A very special highlight of the Soča Valley is the Soča River itself. With its turquoise waters and impressive clarity, it is considered one of the most beautiful rivers in Europe. Along the riverbank you can explore idyllic paths and feel the refreshing closeness of the water.