The Drei Zinnen: Famous and bizarre mountain tops

The Drei Zinnen or Tre Cime di Lavaredo in the north east of South Tyrol are possibly the most famous mountain peaks of the UNESCO World Heritage of the Dolomite region. They are the regional landmark. The majestic peak of the highest of the three, the Große Zinne, measures 2999 metres. The Westliche Zinne is not much smaller at 2973 metres. The Kleine Zinne rounds the trio off with 2857 metres.

Many roads lead to the Drei Zinnen

If you want to marvel at the trio from valley level, this is only possible in Landro, near to Toblach. To get any closer you have to take the toll road to the Auronzohütte (2333 metres). From here the hike round the base of the three mountains takes four hours.

If you like the idea of spending the night in the picturesque setting of these three obelisks, then you can go to the Drei-Zinnen-Hütte cabin, enjoy a snack and rest there until you restart your tour the next day. You can also get to the Drei-Zinnen-Hütte via the Rienz valley for example. Alternatively you can start your route in the Innerfeld valley or the Fischlein valley. The cosy Büllelejochhütte cabin is also a beautiful starting point for getting to the Drei-Zinnen-Hütte.

In the Drei Zinnen region there are also cable railways which will swiftly transport you to the the five popular peaks Helm, Stiergarten, Rotwand, Haunold and Comelico. Up there you will find countless hiking and walking routes amidst lush pastures and you will even pass some reindeer enclosures.

Climbers’ mecca the Drei Zinnen

The Drei Zinnen are not only a paradise for hiking but also a very popular destination for climbers. The diverse routes and the particularly slip-proof Dolomite rock offer climbing opportunities for all levels of efficiency. Mark the date: Each year in May the Dolorock climbing festival takes place.

Toblach, Prags, Niederdorf, Innichen and Sexten

No matter what you are in search of, you are bound to find it in the five unique holiday resorts in the Drei Zinnen region: The bustling town of Innichen with its pedestrian precinct has almost an urban flair to it. Toblach is full of cultural highlights such as the Gustav Mahler music weeks. If it’s outdoor recreation you are looking for, then you’ll love the mountain resorts Niederdorf, Sexten and Prags. In Prags the 2810 metre Seekofel and the Plätzwiese – an Alpine plateau with a breath-taking view - await you.