Forstau in Austria offers you the ideal setting for a hiking vacation, where you can enjoy and discover the beautiful nature. Hiking over hill and dale is one of the best ways to fully experience the beauty of the surrounding nature.

Even a single day in Forstau Valley, whether at the Vögeialm at 1,360 meters or at the Oberhütte at the Oberhüttensee at 1,855 meters, will show you how impressive nature can be: rustic, quiet and dreamy.

In Forstau there are many hiking opportunities for young and old to discover. Whether you take a leisurely hike along the river valleys or opt for a more challenging tour to the Fageralms such as the Lechneralm at 1,610 meters or the Trinkeralm at 1,780 meters, you will be able to enjoy the untouched nature to the fullest.

Be inspired by the variety of hiking possibilities in Forstau and discover the beauty of nature in all its facets. Here is something suitable for every hiker, whether young or old.