Discover the diversity of hiking in eastern Switzerland in picture-perfect Heidiland! From the shores of the idyllic Walensee to the majestic peaks of the glacier region, from the sunny vineyards to the majestic mountain peaks - a varied hiking landscape awaits you here, which is one of the most beautiful in Switzerland.

In Heidiland you can experience a fascinating mini world trip. Start your hike at any location and let yourself be guided around the globe along the route. From the fjord-like shores of Walensee to the Riviera Quintens, where exotic plants like kiwis and palm trees thrive. Dive into Switzerland's Burgundy, the warmest wine-growing region in German-speaking Switzerland, and explore the mystical Tamina Valley, where wild nature sets the tone.

Don't forget to plan enough time for the hiking paradises of Flumserberg and Pizol. There, numerous hiking trails await you with spectacular views that will make you forget about everyday life. Enjoy the far-reaching views and let yourself be enchanted by the beauty of the landscape. Heidiland is a true paradise for hiking enthusiasts who are looking for unforgettable experiences and impressive natural wonders.