The Innviertel, a charming hiking region in the northern part of Upper Austria, impresses with a varied landscape and a variety of hiking opportunities. The area is characterized by rolling hills, green forests, picturesque river courses and charming villages. An impressive variety of over 130 different trails, routes and tours awaits you in the Innviertel. From family-friendly routes for all ages to challenging tours for the athletically ambitious, there is something for everyone. With this wealth of options right on your doorstep, there are no more excuses! The appealing names like Hengstberg, Viehberg or Kapuzinerberg will convince even the inner weaker.

This is an enchanting hiking region that delights with its diverse landscape, well-marked trails and the warm hospitality of the locals. Whether you are traveling alone, with friends or family, here you will find the ideal setting for unforgettable hiking adventures.