Japan is a island nation in the Pacific, which has a very diverse climate due to it’s length: Cold climate zones in Hokkaido down to the suptropics in Okinawa. The country has got many mountainous national parks, high mountains, beautyful woods and valleys, mountain huts and a good labelled path network. This is the reason why Japan is a good country for hiking. The most famous mountain is the Fuji with 3.776 meters height. The Nikko national park is located near Tokyo and therefore a quick reachable goal also for city tourists. Above the Nikko you will find the hiking area of Okku-Nikko with sea walks, moor hikings and mountain tours till 2.500 metres. Also the north and south alps are convenient hiking areas. Kyuyu Fukuda publishes a list of 100 famous mountains in the sixties, which contains only hiking summits over 1.500 m that can be done also without high alpine routine.