Whether you want to move comfortably from hut to hut or aim for a challenging mountain tour with a summit goal - in the hiking region Kleinwalsertal you will find the right tours!

On a total of 185 km of natural and marked hiking trails, the hiking paradise extends over three altitudes, from 1,086 to 2,533 meters. Here you can expect untouched idyll and a pleasure for all senses! And if your legs need a break, mountain railroads and lifts are ready to give you a relaxed onward journey.

Kleinwalsertal is known for its well-marked hiking trails that lead through idyllic valleys, along crystal clear streams and to breathtaking viewpoints. From leisurely walks along the valley floor to challenging mountain tours to the surrounding peaks, such as the Hochalpe or the Großen Widderstein there is something for every hiker.