Experience the diversity of nature by foot

Beautiful hiking trails stretch between volcanoes, vineyards and romantic river valleys, accompanied by proud castles and enchanted ruins. Explore the impressive landscapes that were formed millions of years ago by geological forces and shaped by wind and weather.

Hiking at the Deutschen Eck and the Wachheckerkopf you can experience the rich culture of the Rhein, Mosel and Eifel region. From easy walking trails to demanding routes, there are different demands and challenges for every hiker.

Be enchanted by the diverse views and enjoy the unspoiled nature along the rivers Rhein and Mosel as well as in the picturesque Eifel. Hike through idyllic vineyards, explore romantic river valleys and marvel at majestic castles. Feel the centuries-old history as you explore the unique landscape.

Discover the beauty of nature on foot and experience unforgettable moments in the Rhein, Mosel and Eifel.