Steyr und die Nationalpark Region

Step forward, first with your right foot, then with your left. A curious butterfly flutters about while a majestic eagle circles. The air is clear and filled with a scent of fresh grass and new beginnings. And then the unique color palette of the limestone Alps reveals itself. Endless green stretches before your eyes, interspersed with brilliant shades of white and gray. The blue of the babbling mountain streams and thundering waterfalls completes the idyllic picture. Your gaze may wander, your soul may breathe a sigh of relief. From peak to peak. From Schoberstein to Eiskogel. From alp to alp. Hiking in the Kalkalpen National Park and in the Steyr region is an incomparable experience that is difficult to put into words. It has to be experienced. Whether alone, as a couple, with friends or family - the main thing is outdoors, in the midst of this unique nature.