Hiking Wörthersee - something for everyone!

At the Wörthersee, you'll experience hiking surrounded by sun-drenched lakeside promenades, green forests, cool moors and rolling hills that lead you to unique vantage points. On your way down to one of Austria's most wonderful lakes, you can then make your way back home by boat. Hiking at Wörthersee is not about climbing high peaks, but about enjoyable hiking with gentle inclines. At the Wörthersee, guests find their opportunity to slow down after an eventful life. Here you can perfectly come to rest and completely relax in the rhythm of walking. Hiking at the Wörthersee is ideal for those who want to experience more than just a walk, but still do not want to climb steep paths.

There is something for everyone when hiking at the Wörthersee! In addition to the Wörthersee circular hiking trail and the region's 400-kilometer trail network, guided hikes are also offered during the Golden Hiking Autumn.