The Ahornsee in the Dachstein mountains is registered by summit collectors on the ascent, for example on the Kufstein, rather only in passing. More attention is paid to it on the descent, when you can cool your troubled feet in the fresh water.

This hidden mountain lake, which lies at an altitude of 1,485 meters, deserves to be declared a hiking destination in its own right. The most beautiful time of year for such an undertaking: autumn from mid-September to mid-October, when the golden-yellow colored larches with their needles draw a wreath around the lake that is well worth seeing. The autumn atmosphere at the idyllically situated Ahornsee.

Those who declare Ahornsee as their destination for the day or hike to Grafenbergsee or Grafenbergalm, which are located further to the west, have 2 options for the approach: The classic ascent route from the valley starts at the barrier into the Gradenbachtal, past the Kneipp facility Weißenbach it goes up after the hunting lodge via a hiking trail.

An alternative route is offered after the ascent via the Stoderstraße. From the Steinerhaus via the Brünnerhütte, the marked hiking tour leads to the Guttenberghaus, where it passes by the Grafenbergalm at approximately halfway.