Region Graz

To discover Styria, start in Graz. The state capital will whet your appetite for other Styrian gems, such as the tourist region of OberGraz: it connects directly to the northern city boundary of Graz and boasts heaps of cultural and scenic attractions around the towns of Deutschfeistritz, Gratkorn, Gratwein-Strassengel, Peggau, and Übelbach. The Open-Air Museum Stübing, the Deutschfeistritz scythe works, the Peggau Lurgrotte dripstone and water cave, Rein Abbey and many other cultural pearls are embedded in a breathtaking scenery of Alpine pastures and meadows, grottos and gorges, rivers and valleys. The best way to experience OberGraz is to put on your hiking boots and hit the trail on foot.

Enjoy the fresh air and glorious view over OberGraz and reward yourself for your physical efforts with digital hiking pins.

The digital hiking pin

That’s right: OberGraz rewards you for enjoying nature! Put on your hiking boots, discover the region on foot, and collect points for visiting cosy Alpine huts, summit crosses and scenic outposts. Get the bronze hiking pin for 25 points, the silver pin for 50, and the golden pin for 100 points.

This is how it works:

Download the free app to your smartphone and sign up. Collect hiking points and reward yourself with digital pins in bronze or silver. When you’ve gathered 100 points, you’ve reached the top – the golden OberGraz hiking pin! Go and get it at the OberGraz tourist office and pin it on your hat or backpack.

Visiting places and attractions that can be reached by car are rewarded with one point; short walks and hiking tours to landmarks with five points. Climbing summits and hikes of two hours or more will get you ten points or more.

When you reach your destination, open the app and confirm your location by GPS. SummitLynx works on many peaks across the globe and can be used as a personal, digital hiking log. It goes wherever you go and enables you to share your personal hiking adventures online.