Valais is a true hiker's paradise and is one of the most popular hiking regions. With over 8,000 kilometers of marked hiking trails, it offers a variety of options for every hiker. Whether up to high peaks, through fragrant larch forests, along suonen or on historic routes - everyone will find their way here.

Nature in Valais is diverse and impressive. Explore nature parks, hike along idyllic river courses or cross breathtaking suspension bridges. Along the wine trails you can also discover the vineyards and the delicious local wines.

The hiking region Valais offers something for every taste and fitness level. From sporty mountain tours to leisurely walks, there is a wide range of routes to choose from. There are also obstacle-free trails that are accessible to all.

Immerse yourself in the fascinating hiking world of Valais and enjoy the diversity of the landscape. Experience unforgettable hikes and discover the beauty of nature in the heart of the Swiss Alps.