Enjoy Summer at the top

Obertauern's elevation of 1,740 meters means that the panoramic view is already available. On hiking pathways appropriate for strollers, families with young children can also take in the high mountain scenery.

The numerous alpine huts, where hikers can refuel with a "Brettljausen" and other local specialties, are popular hiking destinations. Three of the Salzburg Almenweg's 31 sections, which span 350 kilometers and connect 120 alpine pastures in Salzburg's Pongau region, pass through Obertauern's mountainous landscape.

In Obertauern, you'll have plenty of private moments to be joyful: Yoga sessions on flowering alpine meadows in front of imposing mountains; mastering the Stoneman Taurista mountain bike circuit after 123 miles and 4,500 meters of elevation; the first mountain trip with the kids in the stroller; the sight of grazing cows on the alpine pasture; and taking in the cloud reflections on the shore of a crystal-clear mountain lake.

Obertauern offers something for everyone! Discover your personal summer adventure in Salzburger Land.

Hikind in Obertauern - the journey is the reward. When you are out and about you focus very much on your natural surroundings. Walking opens your eyes; the tension and stress of daily life dissipate. Being in the moment is what matters. Being on the go. Of course it is also great to arrive at your destination and treat yourself to some typical alpine specialities. Hiking frees you of any unnecessary burdens and reduces everything to its bare necessities.