Kufstein - Bronze stick crest ‘Natural places in resonance’

Kufsteinerland is a richly faceted region with many relaxing and energy places. This is mainly due to its location, summits and stunning views: reaching from the village Erl in the north, over the Wilde Kaisergebirge Mountains and the spa town Bad Häring to the Hinterthiersee Valley.

All power and awareness places and the paths leading there invite you to take new perspectives: by means of special combinations based on movements and relaxation methods: directly on the spot as well as - in a figurative sense - for your life. Because the body is the mirror of our soul, the soul speaks to us through the body. Nature Resonance is like an own language: thus connecting people and nature, inviting to questions and thoughts. Conversely, we can actively send positive impulses by using the same language!

Once reached 40 points, you can pick up a bronze walking stick badge in the Kufsteinerland tourist office.