Via Ferrata for families in Naturno Below the platform Unterstell is the via ferrata "KNOTT". There are four routes, a short connecting route, a 20 m long rope bridge and two steep ladders. The via ferrata offers easy routes, difficult passages, exposed routes and technical sections and can be climbed at any time of day, because the ascent and descent are short.


  • The route "Sally" (B-B/C-D) starts directly at the "wall foot". 50 m steel cable lead over two overhangs up to the "Big foot bridge". The approx. 4 m high "saucer overhang" is the most difficult part (D). Via the "Big foot bridge" you can reach the routes "Turtle", "Affele" and "Rocky".

  • "Turtle" is the easiest route (B). 40 m of steel cable lead up to the exit. All difficult parts are defused by step aids. From the route "Turtle" the friction traverse (A-C) branches off halfway. The exit is difficult (C) and ends at the first celestial ladder.

  • The route "Affele" (a total of 50 m of steel cable) starts with the difficult "Oacherle traverse" (B- C/D) and then leads upwards towards the ladder to the "Elephant belly" (C). This is followed by the first sky ladder and the exit (B-A).

  • The route "Rocky" (a total of 60 m steel cable) begins after the "Oacherle-Quergang". Via the "Weg zum Geist" (B) one crosses to the right and over a small overhang (B/C) one reaches the very steep, second sky ladder. The rest of the route (A-B) leads over the "Auge", then along a simple crossing and a ledge to the exit.