General description The Spronser lakes are found at the center of the Texel Group Nature Park, one of the largest high mountain lake districts in the entire Alps. They are fed with melted snow water and are a real highlight of the Texel Group Nature Park. Their clear waters reflect the surrounding landscape and they are a popular place with walkers and hikers. The ten little lakes, which lie at an altitude of between 2,117 mt. and 2,589 mt., are the highest mountain lakes in South Tyrol. The lakes include the Kasersee 2,117 mt., the Pfitschersee 2,126 mt., the small Mückensee 2,330 mt., the Grünsee 2.338 mt., the Langsee 2,377 mt., the Schiefersee 2,501 mt., the Kesselsee 2,512 mt., the Schwarzsee 2,589 mt. and the two Milchseen at 2,540 mt.