For mountaineers and nature lovers: mountain adventures in Mostviertel

The Mostviertel region in the north near the Donau presents itself as gently hilly and mild, but the further south you go, the more mountainous and alpine the landscape becomes. The wild Mostviertel impresses with striking cliffs and impressive canyons that provide a breathtaking backdrop for hikes and mountain adventures.

In the Mostviertel Limestone Alps, water has been shaping nature for thousands of years, creating impressive cliffs, canyons and caves in the rocks, leaving behind bizarre formations. These form a wonderful setting for leisurely hikes, but also present a challenge for ambitious mountaineers and climbers.

Discover the Mostviertel and let yourself be inspired by the diverse nature and the impressive mountains. This is also reflected in the hiking destinations, such as the Hinteralm, the Ötscher and the Reisalpe. Whether you prefer leisurely walks or challenging mountain tours, this region offers the right adventure for every hiker. Dive into the majestic beauty of the Mostviertel mountains and enjoy unforgettable hikes.