You can make different settings for your profile. To make this, please visit the settings via the menu item "profile" and the submenu item "settings".

You can make the following settings under your profile:

Change profile photo: Enter your profile photo or modify it. When you are logged in via Facebook, your Facebook profile image will be automatically imported.

E-mail: Here you will find the e-mail-address for your account and where the certificates will be sent to (as soon as you allow it). You are not able to modify the e-mail address yourself. If you would like to do that, please send us a e-mail to

Phone number: Please fill in our phone number here. This will be used for the mySOS feature. Of course this phone number must be able to receive text messages (SMS).

Edit password: You can edit your password here. Should you have forgotten your password, we will send you a new one. Please click on the link "forgot" on the login view of the app when you are logged out.

Connections - Facebook and Twitter: You can share your logbook entries on Facebook and/or Twitter. To do so, please connect your profiles here. When the social media icons are shown in blue, this means that the connection is active. You can deactivate the connection at any time by clicking on the icons (they will turn grey again).

Certificate received: With this feature you allow us to send you the certificates for your reached trophies per e-mail. Please verify your e-mail in a first step to make this work.

Private account: If this feature is active, your logbook entries are only visible for you and your friends. When this feature is not active, your logbook entries are shown on our website (under the hiking badge pages and pages of the individual points of interest) or maybe also on the websites of our partner regions.

Checkin suggestions: When you allow the app to access your location all the time and your GPS is active all the time, our app registers when you pass a location in our database. With this feature you can choose if the suggested check-ins should be made just for the hiking badge locations or for all locations. So it should not be possible to miss any points for hiking badges ;) Please get more information about "suggested check-ins" here >>

Mitteilungen: Hier kannst du einstellen, ob du eine Push-Benachrichtigung auf deinem Smartphone bekommen möchtest, sobald du ein Ziel passierst. Außerdem kannst du weitere Push-Benachrichtigungen einstellen.

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June 27, 2021

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